Main panel question. Wire wrapped in electrical tape

Is this allowed? Should it be capped?

Below is what would go into my report if I saw those:
• Safety Issue: There are abandoned wires inside the main distribution panel. They should be removed to prevent them from coming into contact with live electrical components.

Abandoned circuits are pretty common, at least they had enough sense to wrap the ends up with electrical tape so as not to get energized by accident.

I don’t see anything unsafe with the way they’re taped. If you wanted to be extra safe they could be straightened and tucked back into the corner of the panel, maybe even add a cable tie.

No safety issue. Not even close to any energized parts.

Hi , I’m just sharing my opinion on the matter, I would cap them with wire nuts and tape them, then zip tie in the corner, the neater the panel the safer the work space

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