Wire screens in the burners?

I did a Google search, Bing search, Ask search, re-read my furnace books, looked into my crystal ball, and still cant figure out what the hell these wire screens are in the burners.
I’ll accept a direct answer, or a push in the right direction, and/or a swift kick in the butt just to be able to solve this.

Flame inserts to reduce NOx emissions. Was it a Goodman furnace by chance?

Amana - 2011

Yep. Amana is owned by Goodman.

Thx Stephen

I see Goodman or brands owned by Goodman all the time, I have never seen this screen before. Learned something new today.

I am happy I came across this post - these screens are called LO NOX BURNER SCREENS - and they are sold by Wurth Adams - usually to Amada/Goodman - but they can be found in Rheem, and almost every other brand of water heater/furnace as well. These screens come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms - but for the most part - they are made of corrosion resistant alloys that can sustain high temperatures without melting (usually Kanthal or Inconel of some sort) These screens are manufactured in the United States, in New Jersey ( http://www.bwire.com ). I used to work for a water heater manufacturer in my past-life (I am now into vessel manufacturing) but I used to work closely with the engineers and buyers for these screen parts. They are put in to reduce emissions and are very closely regulated by the EPA and other environmental agencies with the Federal Government.

Like a catalytic converter in your car.
Insures complete combustion.

David - Great point - this is exactly what the role of the mesh is playing in this furnace process. Thanks for the comparison.