Wire splice in electrical panel

I found this today in the electrical panel. The red wire is splice to the neutral wire and connected to the neutral bus.

Picture 002 (Small).jpg

Here is a close-up view.

Picture 003 (Small).jpg

I think the splice on the left maybe permissable, considering its in the service panel, and it has been taped. However the red portion of the wire should be taped white to indicate it is neutral and not a miswire. Looks like someone was scrimping and didn’t quite go all the way. There maybe a Servitt connector under the tape?

Also do I see ground wires going to the Neutral Bar?

Did they switch to a gas appliance from electric. The size of the red wire suggests it could have possibly been one leg of a 240 volt (range or dryer)receptacle. Maybe they just converted it to a 120v receptacle ckt. If there is a black #8 or#6 (can’t tell size from the photo)in the same cable or conduit, that would be my guess.

Thanks guys