Wire Sticking Out.

This home is in Northern Cal, is three years old. What would you suggest about the lath wire protruding out of stucco?

Camp 002-NACHI.jpg

Oh yeah this condition existed at several areas…

I think if you hooked up a stereo to those wires just right, your whole house could become like one giant stereo speaker. Dude! We be rockin’ out! \:D/

As far as I could tell for the photo, it looks like part of the chicken wire that Seeno and many other builders use in their crappy stucco finishes.

Protruding chicken wire is very common here, builders are required to cover all lath with stucco, but the Arizona Registrar of Contractors could really care less, I recommend they snip off protruding wire so someone doesn’t get cut or stabbed, about all you can do here.

So a comments referring it back to the builder?
A few areas were aorund the windows too.

If it’s three years old here, nobody is going to do anything about it.

I don’t know if your laws require builders to warranty items of that nature for three years, do they?

If it isn’t under warranty recommend a contractor fix it.

If it was a home I bought, I’d smash the wire below the surface, patch the stucco and paint it.

But I wouldn’t tell a homeowner that.

Dale, In CA the builder only has a one year warranty,unless it is found to be a structural item then it is ten years.

This house hasn’t been lived in, chicken wire showing is about as common as broken tiles…:smiley:

Nobody cares, the guys who install it don’t even know their supposed to cover everything…:smiley: …and you can’t tell them you’re supposed to because they don’t speak english…:smiley:

Wow, that one is quite a bit worse than what I found… Jeez very poor craftmanship