Wires ran from lugs to auxilary panels

I came across these wires connected to lugs on the top part of the main service panel. Two wires were running to one auxilary panel and the second two wires are running to the second auxilary panel. Both auxilary panels are about a foot away from the service panel. Each auxilary panel had 4 breakers in them.

I was told by an electrician at one time that this is allowed due to the short distance from the service box and the auxilary panel.

Is this true because I cannot find it in the NEC book.

I know there are double taps.


Those conductors are only protected by the main C/B at the top left which looks to be way over the rating of those top lug wires.

I doubt a licensed electrcian wired this.

I agree about not being installed by an electrician. Number 10 wires installed.

An electrician that works at a local steel mill (I know steel mill electricians have their own way of thinking) made that statement when we were talking about electrical panels. I could not think of any reason why that statement would be true but I wanted to ask just in case.

Read the “tap” rules in 240. This is a “feeder tap” since it is on the load side of the main.

Basically if the wire is good for 1/10th of the main, it is in conduit and it is sufficiently protected in the load side panel it is OK.

The thinking is a short tap is adequately protected from a short circuit at the 10x number, if it does burn up it is in pipe anyway and overload protection comes at the loadside panel.

Now the “double taps” are another issue :wink:

Thanks for the info. I’ve already book marked it.

Lets not also forget that “WHITE” conductors are never allowed as ungrounded conductors in conduit…so thats an issue as well.

Whats going on at the left side of the panel. I see electrical tape. Is that a splice? Doesnt look right.