Wiring/Plumbing through separation wall

Can wiring and plumbing be ran through the garage house separation wall? I inspected a 1 year old home this morning that had three areas where stuff was ran through the wall. I thought the wall had to be continous between the floor and the sheathing. Tab

Was the wiring and plumbing firestopped?

Brian, One of the holes was almost 4 inches square. The other two were large enough for the wires and PEX to go through the wall. Explain how they might be firestopped. Thanks, Tab



Ohhhh thats what that orange boogery stuff is??? J/K

Tab,… yeah Id call it out for repair. Cant go wrong with safety suggestions!

Thanks Peter, now I know how to describe that stuff to clients.:stuck_out_tongue:

Fire Caulk used in residential construction must at a minimum meet the requirements of ASTM E316 or ASTM E814. But there is always minimum and maximum annular space required around the penetration. Most ASTM E316 products have a maximum of 1/2". Some plumbing penetrations reqiure a specific amount of the product to be applied depending on the size of the pipe. The manufacturers of most Fire Stop Products will give you paperwork for preparation and application for their tested systems. However you should only use this as a reference. In order to treat and inspect the application, you should accept nothing less than the published test from a certified testing agency such as UL or Omega Point or one of the other testing Laboratories. It has been my experience and training by product manufactures that language and other errors can, may and do occur if you accept something other than the Published Report. You may also want to check with the Jurisdiction Having Authority “Building Official” for guidence.

Tab, In most single stories wiring almost has to pass through the firewall, especially if only the gable has drywall on it, its a common practice in CA…