PEX fireblocking

Can someone refresh my memory on the fireblocking requirements for a PEX manifold installed at a common wall with the garage?


Tested in accordance with ASTM E814, UL1479 UL Classified 1 and 2 hour rating

You should also explain what the fireblocking does.
It will not stop a fire when the pex melts but prevent fumes passing through the chase. This is required to prevent flame and hot gases to the other side of the wall. If the pex goes through the wall of the garage you would have to consider the melting point of the pex.

Kevin, that meets the fire rating required for residential.

Thanks Marcel and Barry good info

Marcel I know! I am talking about the pex through the wall. If you group the pex no matter what you do with fireblocking it will not work. One line no problem multiple lines not recommended. Again this is according to the AHJ.
Since he has pointed out a manifold. How many holes do you think he has through the garage wall?

The best you are going to see in a residential setting is what I posted.
At the very best, a metal sleeve might be incorporated by a contractor that knows what he is doing.
There are sophisticated fireproofing products out there for all situations, but you will rarely see them in residential.
Further more, most walls in a residential unit are not rated for 1 hour.
They only need to be a fire separation and smoke and flame barrier.
Fiberglass wool would meet that criteria.

Agreed and not are call. According to Uponor
Fire-Resistance Contruction Standards
Note: Uponors 3/4 through 2 inch meets ASTM E84 covered with 1/2 inch fiberglass insulation, Three pipes are allowed in one spot and any additional would need to be 18 inches apart. There should be no exposed tubing.
If they are closer than 18 inches only they will need extra protection.
Larger penetrations may not use firestop.

if pex is heated to a point that allows air/fume/fire passage that same air/fume/fire would have to overcome the pressurized water spewing everywhere…just a thought you may have not considered

Then you’d have a sprinkler system. :mrgreen:

YEP! I thought of that too Christopher.

Anyone ever see a fire barrier / collar used on Pex?