Wisconsin license renewal

I am planning on taking the NHIE, but looking at the requirements in Wisconsin, it says:
“Per Wisconsin State Statutes 440.08 (2), the required renewal date for the Home Inspector credential is 12/14/even years. Should you receive your initial credential in the months leading up to this date, you are still required to renew your license by the statutorily defined date.”
So the way I understand it, if I were to get my home inspector license today, I would have about 11 weeks to then also fulfill the 40 hours of CE? Do you also have to retake the state exam?

Check with licensing I don’t believe you have to renew again this year.

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Send an email Tim, to the Dept of Safety and Professional Services, they should reply fairly quickly. I think I remember being told if you licensed within 12 months you can renew without needing the CEUs, but if more than 12 months then you need CEUs, not sure how many.

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Ok thanks. Maybe I’ll have to try to call somewhere. The website makes it sound like I would have to, but that sounds a little excessive.

Thanks George. Maybe they just mean paying the licensing fee again…if so that’s no big deal. I was just hoping it doesn’t mean the CE. I will get some clarification because the website is very vague.

Hi Tim, I had the same situation in my first year in 2018 I did have to do the renewal but you don’t need to do the continuing education until your next two years.
Andy Eiting
First Priority Home Inspection LLc.

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Thanks! So the renewal was just the license fee?

Yes just the license fee for the two years.