With regard to eNewsletter about window blind cord safety.

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Hello Nick, On the window blinds- I always found it interesting that they were all worried about the cords, but no one word was ever spoken about the high lead content in plastic mini-blinds that were being imported into the country from China and other countries.

I once did a study on this for TV news when I was working at a lead laboratory.

Finally, the Window Covering Association of America stopped allowing them to be imported if they had lead, that was around 1999, but no recall or other action was ever put in force. There are thousands out there hanging over kids beds and cribs. They now are supposed to be marked “low lead” or “no lead”, but the old ones went on sale at places like Sears, Kmart and Walmart, where they were reduced to a couple bucks and sold off as the “blue light special”.

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The first day we released this newsletter my phone rang off the hook. I booked 10 inspections on that day. As I add more subscribers each month and over time, my response from it keeps improving.

A couple days after the last release, a former client called to book an inspection.
Yesterday, it happened again with another out of state investor.

Good initial service, with personal and Home Hints e-News followups, have been helping here; our home sales market has been dead here for at least a couple of weeks.

After 2 years of explosive growth, the out of state investors are looking elsewhere. So are many of the natives, who cannot afford to purchase homes here. Same thing I saw in Colorado several years ago.

Great service you offer, John; just one of those 2 inspections during this “Dry Spell” pays for a year’s HHN. The other ensures that the next mortgage payment is on hand.

Unfortunately, there are other inspectors who are not doing even this “well” in our area - a sad state of affairs for mid-June.

Regarding the lead content, I can understand the writer’s concern.
However, in reality, how many mini-blinds are still in use after 7 years? They are notorious for going Tango Uniform in a very short time, especially the cheapos . . .

Well, I’m pretty sure the ones in the shelter were very, very old. So maybe they fell under this category. I wish I would have know that before we left the shelter. :frowning: I could have warned them.


I do not see any subscribers uploaded into the newsletter account that you were given. Are you having a problem? Last I recall, I helped you tweak your profile. You really should take advantage of the newsletter to help your business grow, if you are serious about it.


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I wrote to you a few times after that with some questions because I was having problems, but I didn’t hear back. Then someone said you were really busy so I didn’t want to bother you until you had time. I’ll try it again. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: