Wonder why construction quality is down?

Check this out:


Underquaified workers.

And, the local sheriff regularly sees them and does nothing to have them deported.

Unions have priced themselves out of the market and the authorities are hindered from arresting and deporting the illegal workers.

Then, the quality of construction is crap and who gets the blame?

It is a Federal responsibility to keep our borders safe and catch undocumented/illegals. To transfer that financial burden to local Law Enforcement agencies is not right.

As a side note, many illegals are actually fine craftsmen.

Agreed. The only problem I have with this is that, usually, Central American workers come from a, mostly, dry climate. Chicago is very wet. They don’t seem to know squat about moisture management (i.e., flashing, weep wicks, etc).

Not so much a concern in Arizona.

Good point Will. :smiley:



It’s a multifaceted problem… from lazy American workers who want top dollar for poor work, to unions who price their business out of existence (auto industry proves this) to education system which does not trade schools as it once did, as well as the consumer who wants something for nothing.

Being a contractor as well, I can say that the hispanics are no better in quality than that of the American worker…the difference is that they actually want to work.

A couple years ago I had a couple from my church ask if I could help their 20 year old son with a job. I advised them that I would do better than that…I would teach him a trade for which he could make good money, help him purchase a truck and show him how to set up a business. Within a month he was making $1500.00 a week, was working for numerous contractors I introduced him to however it only took 6 months for him to run his business into the ground. This was done through pure laziness and financial irresponsibility; he decided he only needed to make about $300.00 a week which allowed him go screw around with his lazy friends who thought it was more fun to smoke dope and hang out at the mall…instead of paying me back for the truck he spent the money on fancy rims and stereo systems. Today he is making minimum wage washing cars at a car dealership in Florida (his parents kicked him out). I have had this happen numerous times…when people come up to me and ask for a job or to learn a trade I simply tell them I can not help them.

As I said, hispanic workers are willing to work…however you do have to check behind them, weather its water management (as William pointed out) or it improper nailing patterns / installation, their quality is no better…nor are they faster workers…they are simply steady and willing to work from sun rise to sunset which is more than most Americans.

Let me also say that while it should be the Feds responsibility to take care of the illegal immigration going on in this country, the politicians (both parties) are not interested in doing that…to them the hispanics (illegal) are a potential voting block for which they want to acquire. The way to address the problem is exactly the way that many local agencies are doing it…I have no problem with that. Study after study shows that illegal aliens are actually hurting our economy than helping…from straining our infrastructures to draining our health care systems. We wont even go into the national security aspect of it all.