Wood destroying organisms

Trying to find info on if I could offer termite inspections in California with InterNACHI’s WDO certificate. Or do I need to also take a state test?

It appears that you need a state license, which probably means their test:

8504.4. “Inspection” is the act of a field representative or operator physically performing an onsite assessment of real property.





Thanks Larry

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You need the license. Double check the CA HOme Inspector Professional code also for doing side work which may not be allowed if your a home inspector but research that. I know two inspectors locally in SoCal that got their Termite / pest control license. Within two weeks each the quit home inspection and have been successful from then on doing termite. Less stress. But with new CAR forms termite is optional for the last two years so that hurt that part of the business because the Realtors trying to eliminate any and if all types of inspections that may hinder the sale. But the guys I know advertise everywhere for temite and pest control and have boomed it well. Good luck

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Thanks for the advice. Not aware of the realtors doing that with termites. what other inspections are they trying to get rid of.

Paul get ahold of the Purchase agreements / contracts and learn from them. Everything is optional now.

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Make sure you know your insects!


Another funny guy! :joy::joy:

To me, it’s common sense to get inspections on probably the biggest purchase you will ever make.
Even if I wasn’t an inspector.
I really believe a lot of realtors are pushing client to not getting inspections. They should be held liable like we are if we miss something.