Wood Interior Stains

House I inspected today had wood interior thru out. I ran into a few of these stains on the wood. I take these to be water stains from a previous leak. Am I missing something with wood interiors? I don’t see them often and just want to double check my basses.


Looks like water stains. Is this by a window? Distance pic?

A few were under Windows and a few were on the other side of shared walls with bathrooms. Those are window sills above the stains in the pictures. 30 year old home.

Possibly leakage or cold air infiltration and resulting condensation. Below windows and adjacent to bathrooms would point to condensation. Were the bathrooms ventilated or did they rely upon windows only?

Bathrooms relied upon Windows only for ventilation.

Water stains for sure around windows. Possibly with a good wind in the right direction. I bet they haven’t been corrected either.

Defiantly water stains from leaks. Very common in log homes as they get wet interiors until the roof goes on If old and repairs are done the brown staining can be lightened with wood renew type products but any black stains will need oxilic acid type wood cleaner to get out.

Water stains, judging on your location it might be caused by ice dams. My Mom is New York and had similar issues from ice dams until the ventilation and insulation was corrected.