Wood Rot, Repair or not repair?

Hi all, I would like to ask how some of you might advise or recommended repairs to wood rot found in the attic to non essential areas. I’ve included a few pictures. The wood rot is effecting a section about 18" - 20" wide on a non structural gabled end and also the adjacent wood frame of the front entrance overhead build out. Is repair a necessity or a preference under these circumstances?

The cause of the rot must be mitigated. Was that done?

Gable roof against a vertical wall?
Sounds like flashing and/or backer rod issues.

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The cause of the rot must be mitigated. Was that done?

It’s hard to tell, but it does look like the area was reflashed within the past year or two. I couldn’t find ANYTHING at all to account for the leak. The was a zero moisture reading, but that doesnt mean anything because we havent had any rain lately. Here’s a couple more pics.

The wood rot will become an issue when the mortgage company requires a WDO Inspection. I would recommend that the damaged wood be repaired. Was the termite inspector there when you were? If so I would have made sure that they knew about it.

Yes, the termite inspection was done at the same time. The buyers are fully aware of the wood rot as i did a review of my inspection with them on site. They asked me what they need to do. I said that as long as the leak has been repaired the wood rot is more or less a personal preference to have repaired or not since it’s not structural. However, if you lender requires a WDO they will require repairs to be made prior to closing and don’t forget about down the road if you decide to sell.

No kick-out flashings. Write it up, inform your client, job done. Sleep tonight.

The great thing is you do not have to figure out why. All you have to do is point out the problem so they are aware.

There are several problems.

The stucco is too close to the roof.
If the flat roofing material is just under the counter flashing and not ran up the wall when it rains there is a volume of water that causes the flood.

Imo the counter flashing is wrong anyway.

And then there is the missing kickout as was mentioned.


Those are real good flashing details Carl.

Thanks for sharing.