Termite damage or Rot?

What is your opinion?


Damaged wood. Out here where I am at one has to have a Pest Control License to call things out as dry rot, wet rot, rot, termites etc.

State it as damaged wood and move on.


Wood Rot , From what i can see

In FL it is wood decay fungi.

rot = $100 repair
Fungi = $200 repair

Why is door frame rotted and not the sill plate below the door?

The end cuts on door frames are rarely sealed / painted you have a raw end which will wick up a tremendous amount of water. I find this on almost every home I inspect. Lack of gutters contributes to this significantly since the water runs off the roof eaves and edges, splashes up onto the door frames, puddles under the frames and the process begins. There are now door frames being made with the bottom 18 inches or so of the sides made from a composite material that will not wick water and is impervious to rot. I recommend them all time (sold at the big box stores) for replacements but yet to see anyone who will pay the few extra dollars for the upgrade. People are STOOPID.