Woodstove Chimney Pipe in Room

How does everyone feel about this woodstove chimney stack right through the room??

Thanks Alfonso
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With adequate clearances and proper sealing it is fine. Probably radiates some heat into the room. Is there another heat source in that room?

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Hey Bob, Yeah has a register in it, the home has a furnace with forced air.

I had something similar in a house I lived in many years ago. It was in my bedroom closet. Kept the room nice and warm…

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Thanks Mike, Ok sounds like something not to be too concerned with.

Is it a single wall pipe or a double wall pipe?

Every man is born with the inalienable right to burn his house down however he sees fit. Lol

Hi Larry,
It is a double wall pipe.
Thanks Alfonso

Was it a metalbestos flue?

Yep thats it

It’s designed to be used outdoors as a means to keep the flue as warm as possible to keep the draft moving in the right direction. No harm in using it indoors except for the extra cost.

Then it is a none issue, no different than having it in the attic.

Thanks Alfonso, and you are welcome. Happy inspecting!