Workers Compensation Exemption

Here is some information on how to easily obtain your Worker Comp Exemption Letter if you do not already have one. Now that their is a State License, you may find more request for Workers Comp Insurance or an Exemption. Especially if you are going to take part in the Citizens Re-inspection Program.

  • You must first determine your classification number by calling (800) 622-4123 and selecting option #5
  • Tell them you do not have a pin number, and they will simply ask your name. They will ask you if you are incorporated or a Limited Liability Co. ---- and if you do any construction. The key to the easy over the phone exemption lies in not being in the Construction Industry. If you are a home inspector that is also a Contractor doing construction through the same business name, you cannot obtain your exemption over the phone (to my knowledge). You must send it in an pay $50.00.
  • If you are soley a home inspector that does not do any construction, then you will be given a classification number of “8720”.
  • After you receive your classification number (yours may be different than 8720, (but i doubt it unless you are doing construction) call (850) 413-1601 and tell them you just received your classification number and would like to apply for your Workers Compensation Exemption. They will ask your name, company name & address, phone number, type of company, number of employees and maybe your social security number. Remember that Limited Liabilty Companies owners are called Members, and are considered employees. I think officers of corporations are also considered employees, but verify with them before answering the question of how many employees the company has.
  • After they take the info, they will tell you that they will mail out a letter, your exemption. There is no fee.

and your done – Hope that helps

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Than you Dennis my exemption expires this month. It was for Construction and I was prepared to go do the whole thing again. This sounds easy

If you get that exemption, I hope you have good health insurance. I fell off a ladder in January. Thank God I have good insurance through my wife. My medical bills are well over one million dollars. If I had worker comp my rehabilitation would have been much better. Carefully look at all of your options before making a decision. And dont think it cant ever happen to you. I never thought this would happen to me.

I have always carried workers comp for my construction company. Got a quote today for around $1200/year from Allen. Although this isn’t a bad price, I am probably going to wait a few months before adding it due to recent out of pocket expenses and what not. I agree with William, it is a very valuable asset to have, and I don’t expect to be without it for long.

If you are still involved in construction, or the construction industry, this contact info will not apply. They will ask you if you are invovled in construction. More so, they immediately had my former construction company on their computer screen and were asking me if the company was still operating. I let my Contractors license lapse in 2006 while pursuing other ventures, and it is currently inactive (actually flagged null and void) and I am petitioning to have it reinstated. If you have a Contractors license that is active, i believe you will have to get an exemption based on being in the Construction Industry, which means you will have to pay $50.00 — I think you can reinstate online.

Best of Luck

I have always carried Comp on my employees.And thank God 13 years not an injury and in 7 months 2 serious injuries and a minor on 3 great guys. I have never carried it on myself but do have Health ins. I have always been in the construction industry. Seeing you found it for $1200.00 it is on my list . Closed my Building Business 3 years ago and my involvement is limited to Inspections and Consulting. William I am glad you are improving we have no idea that life can change in an instant. Two weeks ago a contractor friend of mine had a heart attack at 45 and left behind 2 boys ,wife and friends stunned.


Here is the contact info for WC insurance

Please email Andy Miller with Lee Reed Insurance at with the following information in order to receive a quote:

  1. Individual name,
  2. Name of business,
  3. Type of business (ex., sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, etc.),
  4. Mailing address,
  5. How long have you been doing inspections?,
  6. Do you have any employees? If yes, what is the total estimated payroll for the upcoming 12 months, not including yourself?
  7. Have you had General Liability insurance in the past? If yes, have you had any losses?

Thank you Dennis

**Thank you very much for the information Dennis. I called to request the exemption and your step-by-step instructions were flawless. The exemption letter will go out in tomorrow’s mail and this may keep me from stumbling and mumbling and looking foolish when asked about my workman’s compensation coverage. I appreciate your time and effort to post this information. **

I applied as an LLC under ‘8720’ and was denied, received a letter saying that LLC’s not engaged in construction are not required to have Wokers Comp.

The law will change on 7/1/2013 when non-construction LLC members will be treated as corporate officers and then be eligible.

I used to be exempt, when I started to add employees it did not cost anymore to cover myself.

Thank you Dennis for posting this information, it was a great help when I filed this morning.

I called the number you suggested to verify the classification #, and the non construction is still 8720. I was then referred to call the state workers comp. office (850) 413-1609 to find out how to file the exemption. The man I spoke to said the exemption application is now mostly filed online. Filing was fast, free and painless! Here is the address to take you right to the page to get started …


Hope this verification and added info helps …


I know this is an old thread but still relevant, thank you for the info. Just recently had a request for workers comp exempt forms and had no clue what they wanted, this is exactly the info I needed. Now I wont look like a fool going forward in this!

This is where the local association can fail you if you are a member there or took a local class. The should be teaching how to properly structure your business and what is needed. Many are out there and have employees without worker’s comp. insurance. Although the law allows it under a certain number of employees could you imagine what happens when an employee gets injured during an inspection. Who pays for the employees injuries and lost wages? Seller? Buyer? Business owners? All of the above? Then the employee needs to pay for an attorney to sue all of the above.