World News and Politics on this website

Let’s keep all the useless World News topics and Politics off this MB. I don’t care to read the news twice and I don’t care to see these cluttered up threads loaded with argumentative posts.

This is a Home Inspection message board, not FOX news.

Some people can’t find another captive audience.

If only there were a way to click a button and have certain threads NOT show up when you select ‘new posts’. Something like an ‘ignore thread’ option.


Exactly. It’s the same individuals all the time. They post world news Bullshi+ that bores the hell out of me and it clutters up the “NEW POST” option. I’m tired of seeing these nonsense useless threads all over the MB.

What part of:

"Misc. Discussion Discuss whatever you wish in this forum."

are you having a difficult time understanding?

“whatever you wish”, means whatever you wish.

At this posting, there are 9 new thread posts, 5 are “Not for everyone” and are political, 2 are Misc. discussion of which one is political. That leaves two for Home Inspection related discussions. That is the norm anymore. I suggest if there can be a option for members to ignore certain threads or sections, please install it so one does not even have to look at them. The ignore button option for individuals apparently does not work very well either.

I guess I’m just weird but if I scan a topic that doesn’t interest me, I don’t read it.


That suggestion has been made many times (twice in the past by me.) We don’t have the option to ignore a thread.

It is what it is.

I believe that an ignore thread option could be done, although I am certainly no expert.
As far as being what it is, we also use to have a way to leave anonymous comments, which was abused. It ain’t anymore!

John, I usually don’t read them either and skip over those. Its the ones that are about HI related items that gets infected when some on the board want to slide their snide political crap into the conversations and the thread goes off topic and into the hopper.

Roger that Skipper!

Not wierd, but smarter than most on this BB for sure.

That is quite something coming as it does from someone with an IQ matching his shoe size :twisted:

Long before some of you mental giants started populating this board most of us had assumed that a HI message boards was just that (a forum concerning Home Inspection related items) when that logic had obviously passed some people by we created a section available to members only called “not for everyone” as a depository for such drivel as you want to post that is outside the realm of Home inspectors.

It appears that that logic has passed many by


I am not worthy of this accolade but I will accept it as a call to action. :smiley:

More drivel !!!:p:p:p

“Misc discussion” should be for miscellaneous home inspection related articles that do not fit into other HI forums.

My point is…I hear the world news every day. Why do I want to scan through a bunch of BS posted by morons who have nothing else better to do, but to cut and paste world wide news into this MB. It’s useless information that just turns into argumentative threads based on personal opinions.

Let the newscasters do their job and let this board pertain to HI related topics. If you want to post idiotic BS, simply go to the “Not for everyone” forum.

I agree.:slight_smile:

David, The thread is:

Misc. Discussion Discuss whatever you wish in this forum.”

There is no “home inspection related” in the title.

The purpose of the thread is to discuss “whatever you wish”.

If you don’t “wish” to discuss, then don’t.

Quit whining.

No one is whining. You’re the fukin baby.

I also agree.

Isn’t there enough places on the internet to talk about religion and politics? Why here?

Really, why here?