World Tour---Knoxville, Tn Edition

Went to the tour last night in Knoxville. It is amazing how many marketing ideas Nick has. I’m sure he could have talked for a lot longer than he did and I could have listened to him even longer. As a new business, I needed as many ideas I coulds get, and I learned a lot from listening to Nick and the other inspectors in the room. The review of websites was very good, I learned the things I thought were good may not be, and some I thought weren’t worth it can bring in business. Again, the inspectors who offered up their web sites had pretty tought skin but the critiques were very informative for them and all of us watching. Good job, Nick.

Jim Campbell

Orion Home Inspection, LLC

LOL i knew mine was bad , old like me , it was a great meeting , Great meeting everyone. Now Nathan picking on me was kinda fun really . How ever were is my dang CD’s lol

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No worries i was teasing.
BTW i do carry a knife .