Stairwell trip hazard

This is mainly for the new inspectors. I only see this issue once or twice a year, but I call it out every time.
I recommend installing a short section of guardrail. See the attached photo.


And extend the handrail to the full length of the stair?

Did this building fall under a City inspection AHJ? Did it pass?


How about the handrail, Randy?


The handrail as pictured is unsafe, someone will break their neck or leg one day.

I also recommended extending the handrails. Yes it was in the City limits and subject to AHJ inspection.

As already mentioned, the handrail should extend to the top and a guardrail with balusters should be installed on the RH side of the landing.

Hopefully the builder didn’t build it that way and hopefully the AHJ wouldn’t pass that.
Floor installer maybe?

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none of that is correct as has been mentioned…maybe they are getting tired of gramma coming to visit…

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Seems like the baluster opening sizes are suspect also. :thinking:

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+what about the fall hazard on the left side trying to go from that top rail to the (sorry we ran out of wood and money and couldnt extend this pitiful handrail) while carrying a tray of margaritas to the party on the lower level??? You have to consider real life events sir…

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And the laminate floor nosing on every tread that is a trip hazard.

A few years ago, an agent was mad that I called them out. To prove a point, he tried to show the buyers and I that I was being an alarmist. He made it until the 2nd or 3rd step before he tripped and rolled down the stairs. Then it was my fault that he fell. He would not have tripped if I hadn’t called them out, making him overthink everything.


Jeff, I can’t believe you would call something out just the make the man trip down the stairs. :flushed: :wink:

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He took my word for it on the GFCIs,


Can you expand on that. How exactly was it installed that made it a trip hazard?

Look at every step and the landing. The nosings are raised around a 1/4". It does not give you a flat 10" tread.


. . . and I laughed so hard my sides hurt!


I see it now. I thought you were referring to a different set of stairs.

@rmayo was that called out, too?

I see that from time to time when someone tries to pretty up the stairs by putting tongue and groove laminated board on the treads and covers the nose edge with a molding. Amazing how much effort goes into sh**ty work.


Just like the laminate to tile transition.

Before I got into the construction industry, I worked for United Van Lines. I can’t tell you how many times I tripped on transition strips like that while carrying furniture and boxes. . .


I posted a similar case back in Sept 22 in the WTF thread. These steps were super-awkward to use.