Would you have shuffled thru the debris?

To be honest I completed the exterior portion and that was it. I was hoping to not fall period. I was standing about 10ft inside on random joists that had not already fallen into the basement praying something didn’t fall on my head. Holding the spotlight and camera trying to take pics I felt like I was in the circus. It was neat but creepy all boarded up and 3 stories high.

Wow :shock: That is all I have to say.

Was this a home inspection? Someone was actually thinking of keeping this house up and not building new?

Yes… A young man wanted me to inspect it for him. He wanted to fix it up. After I ripped the boards off the front door I got only so far and I was like UMMMMMMM NOT GONNA HAPPEN. That one pic that is kinda dark was the original roof and all the floors (from every story) in the basement. I was laughing inside and saying to myself “don’t fall moron, don’t fall” (me being the moron trying to balance myself).

Total Demo…huh??

A little TLC your good to go. :shock:

Your life or ruining it forever is not worth much money.

I would pay a million bucks not to have busted my heel falling off a ladder but I don’t have the million anymore :frowning:

I can’t believe that someone paid for an inspection on something like that.

Kinda have to approach it like a seasoned marine surveyor. Some need more work than others… If you have the energy, why not?
I try never to ask or respond to what someone pays for something. Could be a back tax sale?
I would report on what is of consequence such as foundation, site, structure, electric and plumbing. I don’t think he’s interested in the fact that smoke detectors aren’t present or the receptacles in baths are not GFCI as required??

I would have.
That looks like an easy HGTV project to roll the ole’ sleeves up and tackle over the weekend.
I certainly hope you didn’t use too scary of language, facial expressions, or demeanor with the poor lad and his Realtor as to jeopardize a win-win-win situation with all involved.

Saved that Holmes guy a lot of time…

I honestly was very polite and said nothing at all in either direction. I said “I can comment on the exterior and that’s about it. No roof access and my ladder does not go 3 stories. Basement not possible because the roof and every floor are piled in it. No electric, plumbing, etc… I don’t think you or I should be in here without proper gear/equipment. I recommend a engineer or simiar to discuss desired remodel and making sure all current standards and local codes are considered. I am only charging you for the trip/time. I wish you the best.”

looks like firewood to me

I would think if the potential purchaser is hireing a home inspector for this property, they are not capable of the required renovations.

I would not have, I’ve only been called to do an inspection on a house like that once.
Buyer was a young guy looking to get into flipping.
We walked around the exterior once, roof had partially collapsed. I told him we could continue if he wanted, but I said there were a lot of other houses out there in much better condition to get your feet wet with.
He decided to walk.