Had fun with this one!!

Excuse me as this simple home inspection has fried my brain and body.

Was told this home was a slab, tuned out it had a crawl.

Seemed like a simple enough inspection.

The vinyl siding was installed by an unqualified professional at lets say this area needed to be replaced.

House was a one car attached and then an addition was added, so they turned the one car into living space and then added a 2 1/2 car garage.

On the outside I noticed the CMU were displaced and the mortar was cracked with large gaps. Then I noticed what looked like a crawl space vent screen. So I am thinking crawl.

Go into home and the floor registers are sealed and screwed in. Another sign of a crawl. There was no visible access. Buyers agent calls and the access is under the dishwasher. They state it is an uncovered dirt floor and there is a sump in the crawl. :roll: I defferred to have dishwasher moved and entire crawl reviewed and relocate the access.

So am walking from laundry to original home and can feel the temp differance. Exterior has huge ice dams so I knew there was an insulation or ventilation issue.

Go in attic, and was a mess. Wiring all over, vermin damage, insulation was damaged, missing, inadequate.

HVAC in an unconditioned area, but due to it being old and inifficient, attic was like a suana. Most ducts uninsulated, not supported and around here should be in the floor.

Outside every downspout was dumping next to the house and below ground drainage was diverted. I wonder how the sump is set up in the crawl. I bet it is a wet mess.

Just glad I did not overlook this being a crawl or I would of been in trouble.

Electrical looked updated but all the open grounds told me other wise. The electrical branch circuits were also messed up.

They also had the water meter off and the water was on, so not sure how long they have been getting free water.

Just thought I would type as this simple home needs some work.

Just another day in paradise, right? Right!

Here are a couple pics of the siding penetrations. Holes all over, evry penetration F uped, what is building paper, clearance from ground.

Just doing my job. I think they thought this had a cooling system. But there was none.

Dave I love the “Free” water part. I had one of those a few months ago and the seller was like “what do you mean”…LOL hahaha he new exactly what was going on, He did it…:cool:

Oh how I hate vinyl siding. Glorified plastic coating, but guaranteed for life!!


You know you’ll get a call when they’re moving in asking how to light the pilot light or something like that… you’ll be thinking “Really?”

Yeah, sure…you get all the easy ones!