To crawl or not to crawl?

How far would you go?
I made a little platform and got my camera in.

The first one looks dry enough to give her a go, but the second one… Nope.:roll:

The pic you took would have to suffice, “inspected from the entry”…

I don’t think so.

Getting in is one thing. Getting back out is another. I’d have done what you did. “Crawl space access is extremely limited. This area of the home was not inspected, and no representation is made as to the conditions within it.” You might recommend additional hatches be cut in closet floors for future evaluation.

[You might recommend additional hatches be cut in closet floors for future evaluation.

Now that’s something I hadn’t thought of. Good idea in this case.

Standing water? No thanks!

Some of these spots would most likely be classified as “confined spaces entry” by OSHA. Anyone got an up-to-date course on “confined spaces entry”?

How about this one?

54 Blue Jay Blvd 002.jpg

54 Blue Jay Blvd 003.jpg


No Thanks, No Way, etc.

I usually list it as inaccessible due to height, access, and possible unknown environmental hazards/conditions.
I usually recommend having a “Foundation Professional” inspect and determine existing conditions, and recommend remedies for those conditions, prior to any final decision on the property.
I’ve seen and recommended the addition of floor panel access in a closet or utility type room area in the past, but often I’ve found that the access still is impossible if the joist are so close to the ground that you still can’t get down and through the opening and between the joist and the ground. I’ve only seen a few that bad.

A good point made in an earlier post, always consider the exit back out. You may be able to get in, but how quick could you get out when that rabid raccoon comes at you when your in the far corner.

You mean to swim or not to swim??? I took a taste to make sure it wasn’t sewage. :mrgreen:

Jusssssst Kidding. I didn’t go in. I could see a big crack in the cast iron waste pipe from the crawl space access.

071011-01 072.jpg

Thank you Brian! :wink:

Yea, Do you need something?

An opinion on how OSHA would look at these situations. It’s been discussed at a local HI meeting but no one approached local labour /OHSA department.

found a ptretty good site, don’t have time to check for others:

I would think the size, age & health of an inspector would also determine if they would enter the crawl access area.

Crawls are like roofs: Easier to get in & on then out & off:shock:

I’d only go if there was a good chance to get pictures of dead cats.

That’s all it would take for me to walk away.

I’m OK with a little puddle of “standing water”

It’s the “sitting water” where I draw the line. :wink:

Ha ha. Sitting or standing it still smells bad. Need ventilation? You bet.

Kenton, this picture could be a very small dead cat, wouldn’t use the “R” word in front of a sensitive client.:smiley: