Wow! incredible video of a deck collapse with kids on it.

VIDEO | Prom Picture Deck Collapse
A group of teens pose for prom pictures on a balcony when suddenly it collapses! 12 students from Churubusco High School in Fort Wayne sent plummeting toward the ground. Luckily, except for a few scrapes and bruises, everyone walked away injury free.

Should have said young adults but I am getting old…lol

Ok for an exercise can anyone figure out why the deck collapsed?
Go through it and pause at just the moment of the collapsed and tell me what was built wrong. There are two things that created the collapse but there was more than two things wrong with the way it was built.

If that would have been a little higher elevation, or the “kids” were older, there could have been some series injuries.

Thanks for posting Bob.

Gave way right at the support post and there were no footers or fasteners there.
We have no idea of the beams,ledger,or joists.

Looks like a post collapsed. The kids, deck and railing all move downwards in one area - right at the post. The downward movement stops for a moment, then suddenly the floor joists fall. I’d say - (1) inadequate post, possibly deterioration, and (2) no joist hangers.

You nailed it Ben! I feel that they probably did not lag bolt that round post knowing it was too small. Since it did not go to the right or left it just ripped clean through the deck boards no hangers either.\:D/\:D/\:D/

Kevin as I mentioned last night (no footers )
Nobody nailed it by the way. lol

I make porch and deck inspection a priority and I do not even know for sure after watching it in freeze frame
as there is not enough evidence.

After a few fell here in the Chicago i went out and looked at the sites just to see what goes on.

P.S… you are simply guessing so do not give out any prizes as that is what puts the handyman who built this in trouble.

Do you know what the word excercise means Bob?
If you were taking a class on the failure of this deck you would say very close to what Ben said. It is true that we don’t know what happened with this deck but I would still give Ben an A for nailing it. Would I tell the a structural engineer I know why it failed, not without checking it myself.

As I mentioned decks are a special interest of mine but if you feel you have x ray vision by all means take a guess.
When inspecting I personally go with facts Kevin.
Feel free to contact me if you need any documentation or uploads to assist you.

Bob you do bring up a good point about the footing and would have been nice to see what actually did occur. We did not see any footing in the video so this certainly would make it soft under the designer post and just may be enough to start the chain reaction. So after another review I will need to reward you with an A also.\:D/\:D/\:D/