CBSreport on deck collapse

Did you see the CBS report on deck problems this morning?

good show
I been yelled at and told i am to picky on decks , I have done a few homes where that one fell down. Not the first, a bunch went down with one not to long ago. The one thing they forgot to say that area did not have a building inspector till a year ago. I would say i write about 4 to 5 week here . even on new homes

Deck videos are always a bonus to watch. Thanks.

Here’s a deck where I might have saved a life or two…

When I inspected the underside, the joist hangers were attached, but they were pulling away…

This is the type of deck I want to see…

The video was good, except the reference and display of some recommended undersize ledger attachment screws.

LOL well we should call the engineer who was on the show