Qod 12-2-08

Water pressure

I know around here it is 50 psi, i should also mention our variables, elevation, pipe condition.etc

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I know Brian, but here the town is trying to take over the water supply company, they have been in court for 3 years about this. but good pressure wht is it in AZ

It is about 120 psi in my neighborhood. Does that help any???:wink:

8 bar perhaps???

Holy cow, 120 PSI is way too high unless each home is seperately regulated.
I think I learned some time back that nothing over 80 PSI was suggested, due to seals, washers and plastic parts that would be stressed by anything more.
Am I out in left field here?

I think you’re looking at 80psi here in Ontario, Canada.

Being newly educated in the art of inspection, 80 psi was taught to us. I have seen houses anywhere from 40-150 psi around here. Depends on how old the neighborhood is.

Well, I do not know about your fielding skills Steven. Here the city could care less about your ice maker lines. :wink:

“Water Pressure supplied by the city should be…”

Ahhh, a tricky little question.

Water is supplied by the city both in the outside pipes and the inside pipes. Max inside pressure should be no more than 80PSI to protect seals in appliances. But, the external pressure must at least 100PSI to provide pressure for multiple houses.

So, the water ***supplied ***by the city should be at least 100PSI, and the water ***regulated ***within the house should be about 45-65PSI.

Regulators are normally factory set at a 45-65PSI tolerance, but should not be allowed to increase beyond 80PSI–and at the low end it should be at least 40PSI to properly service the average residence.

Or something like that…

Exactly Jae. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’m not buying it Jae. That’s like saying I need 150 VAC on the incoming line to supply all the houses in my neigborhood with 120 VAC.

Ahh the old plumbing, electrical analogy. So far the QOD has provided for an interesting discussion. :smiley:

I used to live in a River town that had it’s primary water storage built into a large bluff that overlooked the city.

Water pressure was over 100 P.S.I. due to the high head of the bluff tanks.

My Dad was a plumber and type L copper was what he used as PRVs where not commonly in use.

Michael, the water-electric analogy is not exact science and only applies in a limited respect.

And you’ll notice I said "at least" 100PSI–that’s because the highest pressure given for the poll was 100PSI…most lines around here are about 120PSI.

Actually, from the “inside the house” standpoint, both 40PSI low and 80PSI high would be the more acceptable–either is more correct thatn any other of the given possibilities.

Jae, the analogy is quite valid.

If the city maintains 120 P.S.I in the line then that is what will appear at the residence.:wink: