Writing Assignment

Chimney Inspection

Chimney meets the basic requirements. Is at least 3 feet high and extends more than 2 feet above adjacent roofs within 10 feet. Unable to inspect mortar or concrete due to siding. Siding is in good condition. No signs of cracking or wear. Flashing where the roof surrounds the chimney is in good order. If you wish to determine the condition of the inside of the chimney or the flue, I can refer you to a specialized chimney inspector.


You failed the course.

Reason #1: Failure to follow instructions. You posted in the wrong area.
Reason #2: There’s no mortar or concrete. It’s a framed chimney.

Thanks for the info. I am new and learning. It was not clear on where to post. I have already passed the entrance exam but trying to learn more information before I just start cold. I’m sure you had to start somewhere. Would have been nice to get some help instead of rudeness.

Take care