Panel covers and sheet metal screws

This panel had them. They were very short sheet metal screws. I’d say someone was blessed the service entrance wasn’t penetrated.

100608 087.JPG


Any type screw could cause damage in that panel

So did you leave the cover off out of curiosity?

One good reason not to remove one.

I would simply move the conductors out of the way and reinstall the cover but it might not be a good idea for a HI to do so unless they was very sure of what they were doing.

I can remember snapping at least one main breaker lug doing that. Hopefully that was a once in a lifetime thing.

Personally I would point out the defect and leave that one screw out (and be thankfull it didn’t go flash bang as I was removing it)



Thank you Gerry that is sound advice

I put the cover back in place using only 2 screws (not the one in the photo). Figured leaving it off would be a big danger to the public and a liability for me.

I think it was Marc who had a pic of that exact same panel where the sheet metal screw was not so lucky, nor was the installer of the screw. :shock: :wink:

I probably do someplace, but I don’t really remember it.

I had a one like that just yesterday only it was new construction and had the blunt nose panel screws. I still wrote it up though… some how those blunt ones turn into sheetrock screws over night :slight_smile:

Why would you write it up??? The blunt ones are factory screws.

Just a concern that “uncle Bob the handyman” will lose a screw and replace it with a sheetrock screw. Maybe an overkill but you never know…

Huh? You wrote up a hazard that doesn’t presently exist? Do you write up all the water heaters too, since someone could remove the T&P valve and plug the opening?

Actually, to be a little more clear, the service line did not appear to have any give (flex) the way it was routed and I could see thread marks in the insulation from contact. Again, maybe an over kill but it wouldn’t take much to provide a little clearance.

Well, that’s a totally different story from before then. You originally said you wrote it up because panel screws were easy to replace with drywall screws.

Yeah, my bad. Sorry about that.

I don’t think overkill is the right word. :roll:

You could apply this philosophy to every item in the house. You could write up the hardwood floors because “Aunt Mable the cleaning lady” might use too much wax causing a fall hazard. :wink: