wood screws

Hey guys, do you remove dead-fronts with wood screws.

I know sharp wood screws can damage wiring and shock you so I wrote it up. I am doing the report right now though and it occurred to me that perhaps I should not have removed this cover. What do you guys think?

Yes and if when opening a panel I see there could be a close call I take pictures and make a report of it.
All dead-front covers should have approved machine screws with no pointed tips.

I use a screwdriver, I just can’t get any leverage on the wood screws. :mrgreen:

Most of the screws I see are metal anyway.

smart ***:roll:

I remove the wood screws with a screwdriver :smiley: then I write up the fact that improper screws were being used in the cover.

Depending on the circumstances, sometimes I will blunt the screws before putting them back, other times I won’t put the screws back or I may replace them with a proper type.

You are less likely to energize a screw when removing it, than you are while installing it.

I keep a pack of panel screws in my kit so I don’t have to put the pointed screws back in the panel cover.

And how do you get the threads to work after they have been damaged by wrong screws ? Do you tap the holes again.

Hasn’t been an issue. I will let you know when it becomes one though.

Yes it is better than leaving the other ones in. Some are special threads but you can’t do anything with these ones.

Ticker on all screws and IR temperature heat sweep of the breakers.
Minimum PPE Jaun.

Be safe buddy. I want to read more posts from you:-)

Wood screws never go back in all the way when you replace the dead front.

  1. Inform the owner about the issue personally.
  2. If he/she is not there leave a note!
  3. It pays to have extra screws in your case.

If they are all wood screws I do not open it.*** Limitations will cover my buttocks***.
Makes you look good.

Remove it and check for wire clearances at the screw holes b4 putting it back on. If close, leave screw(s) off or put a proper type screw in.

Kevin, are you serious?

We are not machinists. And wood screws are relatively soft compared to steel cabinets.

It must take you hours to write a report if you include a pic of a close call screw/wire…

This was yesterday’s inspection. I did not put the screw back on, told the seller’s REA who was present and left a note for the seller.

Looks like a screw may have hit a wire on upper right side

Panel cover screws are self-tapping.

That was meant to be a joke and I was not serious at all. LOL
No I do not tap them but I have seen them buggered up by improper screws.
It seems though that if I put a smile or a LOL it gets attacked anyways so I have given up.