WT F is this ??

Im completely lost on this one. Found it in a 200 amp panel today wired into 2 breakers. Googled it and now Im even more confused.
Mallory PVC Foil Capacitor
I assume it cant be ‘double tapped’ , but what the heck is it used for ?

Hi found a few things:

Purpose: Adaptable to all electronic circuit applications calling for bypass and coupling


I’m not sure what it is coupling or bypassing.


Grading capacitors are sometimes used on circuit breakers of multi-break design (two or more identical making/breaking units connected in series) to obtain uniform distribution of the voltage stresses across the open gaps (unrelated) amperage size of the two breakers capacities.

Perhaps the breakers are serving something that requires they be a uniform and stable supply.

any intercoms in the home?

IIRC a system like X-10 needed a way to transfer a signal to the other hot bus.

No intercoms that i saw.

What about the double tap ? Breaker only rated for one. But does this thing negate that rule ?

The reason I ask is the band pass caps are used to pass the signal from L1 to L2 in some plugin com devices.

I would write it up as unknown purpose.

You always learn something new everyday.

I learned that I dont know everything
Oh no 😳😱

Is it just me or are 2 whites double tapping a breaker?

Its a 220 load. I do not know if this breaker is rated for 2 wires.

I would just report what you see and carry on. They need an electrician anyways.

  • double taps in panel
  • an unknown capsule is linking a 20 AMP breaker and a 15 AMP breaker.
    Further evaluation and repair is needed by a licensed electricain

I would not write it like that.

How would you write it up?

The device is doing no harm if you understand capacitors.

The double tap may be fine depending on the manufacturer.

Inspecting from pictures does have its challenges.

That is very true. If I did see this in the panel I would be questioning it though. A 20 and 15 amp breaker should not be linked though.

They are not linked.

That cap is incapable of passing 60 Hertz.

Take a course on capacitance.

Guess I am going to have too.

Its not, at least Siemens breakers are not.