Hey industry vendors. We're doing a big message board Christmas party again...

If you would like to provide any presents, email me at fastreply@nachi.org

I’ll pay for the shipping both directions.

Our annual Christmas party is one of the most popular times of the year on the message board with often 800 or more inspectors attending/participating online.

This year, our message board Christmas Party is really going to be fun!

Let’s hope the rules are set ahead of time and not changed during the contest. Fun is had by all and greatly appreciated.

speaking of contests…hasn’t the football season started?

Stephen, did the contest rules change last year? I can’t remember.

**Change your clocks tonight one hour ahead **

[size=6]…51 days till Christmas… [/size]

When does the party start???

Yes, they did at the end without any notice.

Do you recall what the rule change was?


Roy wants to get to the Christmas party two hours before everyone else.:smiley:

Yep. As posted below. This issue is highlighted. The final prize winner had already won a prize 11 minutes earlier and should not have been eligible to win again.

OK. We’ll do it like that again. One prize each until the big prize at the end.

So the final prize is open to everyone regardless of whether they have won before or not. As long as that is the rule, great. Just no changing rules in the middle of the game like last year please.

Thanks in advance to Nick, the NACHI STAFF and all the vendors that make this possible.