Xmas Party Confusion

Here is the etiquette: Largest event in the inspection industry is online on Dec 10 this year. Merry Christmas


Either & constantly hitting refresh evidently. By the time I see something there are 65 posts already.
I did see one pop up new & by the time I hit reply there were 17 ahead of me. Good luck!
…and look at all the members I have never seen post before.

Members who have never posted before are limited to only 20 posts their first day, so they won’t win much.

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If we have won something will they contact us , or will we have to go through every thread?

Cool, that’s helpful for the regular poster.
Now if you could just make me faster at posting.

…I probably should have taken the day off if I wanted to be competitive but duty calls.
Thanks for all you & everyone at Inachi do for us!

You will be messaged in your inbox under your profile pic (Top Right)

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If you won something from InterNACHI directly, it’s shipped to the address associated with your member profile. If you won something from an industry vendor, you’ll need to reach out to them directly to claim the prize. Instructions were included in the vendor posts.

Double-check your address here: https://www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm