Ye old garage

Anyone recommend old attached garages being upgraded with solid core entry door and fire taping at the adjoining walls and ceiling to the living space?

I write it up all the time the door in our area must also be gasketed and self closing tight.
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I don’t “red line” this condition, but I do recommend upgrading. A lot of the older homes around here never had a ceiling installed, just open framing all the way across the attic.

Barry, I would also reccommend an upgrade, but would first reccommend that it be cleaned up by a moving company that has access to a junk yard or the Salvation Army so it could be made possible. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :mrgreen:

I use “consider… for safety reasons” rather than “recommend”.

The best term I have found to be very beneficial is “strongly recommended for increased safety”.

this was after the garage sale just before the movers arrived.

guess where all of this priceless crap will be at the new place?

it aways amazes me that people will park $20,000-$100,000 worth of cars in the drive or in the street in front of their house and have a garage full of worthless $hit stacked wall-2-wall and forehead high.

once the movers do show up the decision is finally made to put it all at the curb for the trash to treasure folks.

we have a neighborhood kid that started a garage organization biz, he cleans up and organizes your stuff for a flat rate. once done there is always a pile of stuff that is no longer wanted or not worth keeping and the owners pay additional to have him haul it away. being the entrepreneur that he is he takes the stuff to the flea market on weekends. he is now averaging more than both parents that are full time white collar employed and the flea market is pulling better than 50% of his GR!