BPI / Resnet Combined Training and Blower Door System

We had a lot more response to the blower doors, than the infrared camera special that Nick put up for us a week or so ago. So I went to work to put together a new deal for a blower door system only.

We just allied with a training facility that does both BPI and Resnet training, combined. They offer 100% training and certification from both organizations and that includes blower door and combustion training.

For the moment I will offer the Retrotec Q4E blower door for $6185.45 and the training for $1000.00. The training is normally around $1500 for each certification. I am working on cutting a better deal with the training facilities that I will be able to pass on to InterNachi members. If I do not get that discount until a later point I will reimburse the difference of the current deal and the new deal, for life.

The original deal that was posted in the Fluke & FLIR thread, of the Q4E and BPI training is still in effect for $6185.45 total.

We can also lease any purchase at approx $37.20 per $1000 (including the training) on a 3 year lease with a $1 buy out at the end of the lease. OAC

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