Yesterday's inspection

Another homeowner “fixit”

What was that line connected to on both ends I’m guessing A-coil in the attic and no telling what the connection below was inquiring minds want to know

Newer houses around here have the furnace and A/C coil in the attic, and the upper drain line is for the overflow pan. The end of the drain should be visible, in case the main drain line gets blocked and the overflow pan gets the condensate.
Whoever did this, just tied the upper drain into the primary drain at the bottom.
Now if the main line gets blocked, there is no way to tell.

That was the purpose of my question is there a P-trap installed in the primary drain line and where is it located . The bottom line appears to be going into the concrete or the ground hard to tell from the pic. To What and where does the primary drain connect

P-trap is in the attic. But that wasn’t the point of my post.

It was just to show homeowners are clueless when modifying things they know nothing about.

I understand clueless I see it everyday just trying to understand what was not visible in the PIC;-):wink:

No problem. The main drain is the one on the right in the first pic, and the secondary was tied into it. So now, neither one is visible at the termination point. Nice, huh?

What has my curiosity up the most is where they both were connected into and you stated it was a heat pump so we only deal with condensate during the cooling season do you see where I am headed with this

Ahh… you misunderstood my post. This is a split system, with condenser on the ground outside, and the gas furnace and A/C coil in the attic.

Heat pumps are rare around here, except for a few on rural properties

It is a high efficiency furnace (90%) so there would be condensate all year long.

I have no idea where I came up heat pump I must have been dreaming you just destroyed my theory with condensate all year long Shucks:shock::shock:

Ya know Charley, it’s weird. I thought the same thing. Maybe it was from reading the other thread about heat pump condensate line in bathtub, just before this one.


Theories are made to be broken Charley. :wink: