Yet another great new NACHI marketing benefit coming this month!

We have been compiling lists of every Real Estate agents information throughout the US & Canada. We will be offering these lists to all members (FREE) who are interested in doing mailings/emails to their local RE agents. We will have member access to all the lists in August. :wink:

Thank you Lisa.

Outstanding … I’ll be interested to see how many I don’t already have :wink:

Thanks Lisa

The lists are pretty massive, I’m sure we have a few you might be missing. We will also keep the lists as updated as possible…

Is it still going to be on Access? Or will it be in a format that will be easier to Access (chortle). boooooo hisssssss sit dowwwwwwwwn*** tomaaaaaaaatooooooooessssssss****

Okay…Okay…alright alright already!

I think that was the list you sent out to me before isn’t it Lisa? But it was in Access which I would have had to purchase for over $300 so I never was able to open it. So if it can be sent out in a different format that would be outstanding!

Thanks in advance!


This is the first list of RE agents NACHI has had…

The lists will be available in excel format (for larger states, such as CA, we will probably break down into smaller lists since excel can only hold up to 66,000 names.) :wink:

Hmmmm…I wonder what list it is I’m thinking of then. What was that list that was sent out to the Chapter heads?

The only list I would have sent to you would have been a list of members in your area when you were doing the chapter thing. We did sent some out in access…

Ah, I guess that must have been it then. I guess I need to make a coffee run. :wink:

It will be awesome to have a list of realtors. Good job!

Thanks Lisa, great job!


Hi Lisa!

Please keep “us / New Hampshire” on the distribution list!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks . . . will be looking forward to the list.

Thanks Lisa, we have been building a data base in the office and it is a very daunting task to say the least.

It sure is going to save Nachi members alot of work! NACHI Staff hard at work as usual! Thanks guys and gals!

This company does not solicit Realtors.

It’s everyone’s choice as to what to do, but I don’t think that anyone should imply to the new inspectors that it’s easy to make it in the first three years without soliciting realtors. I’ve been doing it for the first two years without soliciting any realtors because that’s what I thought I had to do and I’ve had nearly nothing. Well, at this point I’m going to be taking a different approach and then gradually phasing them out if I can later on as I get more firmly established. This is not to say that I’ll ever pay a fee to get referrals as that would be unethical. But I am not going to turn down realtor referrals if they approach me. That would be stupid.

I started out like most and solicited Realtors. I found myself trapped
when I had to choose between telling the truth to the client or getting
the repeat business from the Realtor.

I realized that my duty is too the client first.

If others want to solicit Realtors, that’s fine. But if they
build a foundation on Realtor referrals, then their future
in the hands of a fickled salesman.

I sleep better now and don’t worry about Realtors.
They are not even on the radar.

“There is life without Realtors”.

If one sends me a customer, then I will take them. I leave my
business cards with everyone I meet. But I don’t seek them
out and build my future on pleasing them. It’s a very fragile
business plan.

I think it’s wrong to imply that everyone that works with realtors softens their reports. I know one inspector, Peter Doane, who is a very reputable inspector and has the ear of every realtor in the Puget Sound area it seems. He’s not going to toot his own horn, but it’s his third year in business and he made $14,000 this month. He’s doing an amazing job and I know he’s an ethical man and would never cush his reports to get repeat business.

I know my own ethics and I know that to solicit realtors will be something that they will have to deal with ethically. Not me. They will have to decide if they want to work with the best inspector in the area, will they be willing to make no compromises ethically or face losing my business and being forced to find a more fickle non-compete of mine.

Thanks Liza, I am looking forward to seeing what you have going for Ohio. Thanks and keep up the great work:D