York Age

York marks thier equipment year with the 3rd letter in the serial number.

Ac Unit
Serial ECHM510114

Serial EPHS594762

H represents both 1978 and 1999

Home was built in 1980
Theoretically either one of these dates can work. would there be another way to narrow this down more specifically.
I am leaning more toward 1978.

Looks like a newer model to me… Too bad you cut the bottom off the pic of the label. I’ll use the ANSI date to help get me into the ball park.

PVC wasn’t used as a flue discharge in 1978. The metal flue from the older furnace was disconnected and capped.

The 1999 would be likely to use PVC on an elevated efficiency furnace.

I’m inclined to think the original furnace had been replaced–after nearly 20 years or so of use.


Here something from York If anyone needs it

I would say 1999.

4 VERY easy ways …

Look the model up in your Preston Guide (if for some strange reason, you don’t have one / BUY one);


Look at the Ansi Gas Code Date - The unit may be newer than the ANSI Code BUT it won’t be OLDER than the code;


Simply call the York Dealer and give them the Model & S/N;


In the future WRITE down the model also AND Google it if all else fails.

Thank all of you for your input, it is much appreciated.