You Guessed It

Anyone care to guess what happened here?? Its an overhead service.



lightening strike

Nope, another clue it happened in the winter…

Either ice or water got into the panel from the overhead cable and built up around the cables, shorting out to the panel enclosuere.

We had a condo complex where the roofing was not installed properly and 90 units shorted out in this fashion during a bad winter.

Another clue, there was a pine tree involved…

pine tree grew against/around the mast head?

Alright enough fun. There was a bad winter storm here 3 or 4 years ago. There was a pine tree over the service. One of the branches got to overloaded with ice and came falling down on the lines from the pole. The mast them pulled free pulling the cables free from the panel. A little snap crackly pop and thats what you get. Thanks for playing alone guys…