Having a fun time with a bank.

Did an inspection today. House was a foreclosure Bank owned REO) mess that had multiple water problems (most headers were rotted, rotted floor joists, etc).

There was a “back porch” that head to a 2nd floor door. The porch was not compliant and rotted. The landing for the 2nd floor door looked cantuilevered, but was not (as I found out).

When I went out on this landing, I fell through (the joists were not properly supported, etc. I fell on my butt and a knee, skinning the knee. No real damage to me.

The listing agent got in my face, telling me that I was responsible to fix the porch. He just would not let go. Finally, the buyer’s agent and the client told him to shut up, saying that he was lucky that I didn’t sue him and the bank. He then shut up and looked thoughtful and left the inspection.

In any case, the client will not be buying the house. It was a real POS.

On the ride home, I got a call from someone at the bank. He was asking for my fax number so he could fax me something. I asked him what. He said it was a waiver that I “had to sign” because of the fall. I told him, “I ain’t signing anything” and hind up.

Please understand. I was not really hurt and have no intention of suing anyone. I really hate people who “get hurt” and “cash in”. Although I am sure that many people actually do get hurt, for no fault of their own, and are entitled to some compensation, I also believe that the majority of these cases are lawyer drive scams.

So, I get home. Then I get a call from the bank’s lawyer. He offers me a check for $1,000 (which he will deposit, directly, to my bank) if I will sign a waiver. I tell him no, I have to talk to my lawyer.

1/2 hour later, he calls back and ups it to $3,000. I still say no.

I am waiting to see how high they go. Understand, I am not going to accept any check or sue, but I am also not going to sign a waiver.

One cannot buy such entertainment as this. :mrgreen:

Keep 'em on their toes Will.


Just see how high they will go, accept the check and donate it to InterNACHI Nickels. What a great way to continue funding something for inspectors that get hurt on the job. Just an idea.

Next time they call tell them you have to hurry because they do not like people talking on cell phones in the emergency room.

Accept the check and donate it to a good charity

I heard the Bonner international surfing fund is a good cause…at least thats what you told me Dennis

That sure would take care of Holiday gifts.