Nick I have a great

deal for you.
Send me 250 of your free magic names of sellers, if I get a 10% return, 25 inspections, I’ll pay you 5 yrs membership dues in advance, and promise to not demand a refund or complain if I get kicked out of your org again, before the end of 5 yrs. :wink:

business a little slow. Dan???

Just trying to get a few extra jobs to help pay back nickey for having me as his guest at a local nacho seminar a few weeks ago.:slight_smile:

Not yet. This has been my best year yet.:smiley:
Getting a little nervous since I only have 14 scheduled for this month, and only 1 for Jan. so far.

LOL … Dang it another reddie,

Geez I offered to join and pay in advance.
Mr mystery red giver, want to give me a vaild reason to join?
Got any suggestions on how else nacho will benefit me,
I don’t need to be saved by your resident preachers,
Don’t want to compete with the orange shirt clown on how I may or may not be smarter than him,
I don’t plan on being a vender,
I don’t agree with, or need instant certificiations,
Don’t plan on using free CE provided by someone that has less experience in the field than me.
Don’t want to be forced to market nacho and advertize to the public that I belong to nacho unless I get something positive back in return for my investment.


Thanks I’ll leave you unnamed ] for the last greenie
I get the feeling there are several disgrunteld high profile members in this org. No it wasn’t my ashi buddie busshie.:slight_smile:

Dang it X2. another reddie :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Gotta take some lessons from ole nickey on how name calling won’t benefit any one… Only pi–es the reciever off :slight_smile:

You got any business at all, Stevie? I see you haven’t joined yet…not got enough $$$$. Geez, why haven’t you been offered a free membership yet…you’re a great defender of the faith and the brotherhood!!!

No poop, Dan!!

As the experienced see that INACHI survival depends continually on numerous newbies getting on the merry-go-round for a few years and then having to jump off due to lack of success and… Nick has been flushed out to admit that it is a vendor organization and not a home inspectors’ association, they see it’s time to go.

This is Nick’s show and not the HI’s which a true HI org would be!!!

Just curious as to which one is the true HI association, and why?

Please list what the unnamed ORG. as you call it will do for me.

about the only way you would join is if the membership was FREE. Guess that is the Canadian way, something fir noithing!!! But, then would you be able to join even if you put up the funds??

Suggest you worry about yourself, and not how others are doing. I am doing just fine, even in a down economy, don’t have all my eggs in one basket.

Looks as though Canada has very little impact on NACHI. Stats show about 12% of NACHI.orgs traffic comes from Canada. They might actually have more traffic on the original Canadian inspection association website, “capi, cashi or whatever”…

Not a Canadian thing at all Steven, it’s a macneish and wand thing…exclusively!
Both are very cheap bastards!