You Know It's Gonna Be a Long Inspection When...

You see fresh paint everywhere and this laying next to the toilet.:stuck_out_tongue:

Moronic people to leave that book laying there!

I found the electric for dummies version once. Sure enough, he was a dummy! :mrgreen:

Good luck.

I always like the painted over moisture damaged window sills or the rotten siding freshly painted. Do they really think we are that dumb.

2 weeks ago I asked the Realtor if she saw the problem with the siding, she didn’t because she was like well it looks like the keep things up, it was freshly painted. You couldn’t touch the siding as it just crumbled. :roll::shock:

I’m okay with that one.

This one, not so much!

very cute how long did it take you to think that one up?

I hate this one:

I thought it was cute also.
It only took a second. The book was in the Bathroom and I took a picture of it.

Did you take the picture with your useless iphone while trying to keep HG from crashing ?

As I’ve told you a dozen times, *I use a Samsung S5 for my inspections.
Do you still use that cute white Samsung camera for your ***3 hour condo inspections?**:p:p:p:p

Is that your bathroom?
Maybe so…Huh?

What I hate to see is when I look up a house for an upcoming inspection on the MLS and the REA describes the house as “A Contractors Dream”.

What they call a Contractors dream I call an Inspectors nightmare.

The only thing I check is… last sold


I get real leery when I see the words…newly renovated.