Sit carefully, very carefully...

From yesterday’s inspection. What number are you tipping the scales at to cause this?

Looks like the veins on my legs in 20 years.
Good place for carpet,yuck.

Holy crap!

Defective Toilet in need of Replacement…
Did anyone actually think these things last forever?

Sure they do I know where two are from a previous inspection that have Teak wood tanks and are still in use 1920,1930 era

Seriously! Why do people do that?!

Rule of thumb in todays Society… The newer it is, the shorter the lifespan.

At least it’s color match coordinated. :mrgreen:

Good point,yellow, brown and green for Friday nights.:slight_smile:

I do not even like those throw rugs that wrap around them.
Sure people throw them in the wash every week but what about the other 6 days?

I report Carpet in Bathrooms and Kitchens as a material defect and recommend replacement with flooring suitable for the application.

What the hell are you doing in there that you are worried about every day ??? :shock::shock::shock:

Looks like the veins in my legs for the last 20 years.:smiley:

That’s not “forever”–that’s only 80 or 90 years. Are you suggesting that soon I will have been around “forever”?

I’m :(:(:(…

Now my old bones creak even more…

Chuckle, chuckle…

Ya are just older than dirt:D:D


A picture is worth a thousand pounds.

Now I’m going to go bleach my eyes.

It is not from weight but it is it is from glazing of the porcelain. just for information only.

Correct incorrect Glaze that shrunk more then the Clay body …
Can sometimes be fixed by refiring the toilet and keeping it at the proper fired maturing temp for an hour