Crazy stuff also seen today.

Nice house, big master bathroom, and then this.

What are they thinking (or are they even thinking at all?).

That is a TN bathroom/dinning room Will ,Gosh i am surprised this idea has got up there so fast lol

They must just love glass. LOL

How dumb.
It needs to be replaced right away…
a ceiling fan with globe lights

The sad thing is that the agent (listing) started to argue with me and the buyers started to listen to her (Hey, I think that’s pretty. What’s wrong with it?).

I made the client sit in the bathtub, pretend to take a bath and get up out of the bath. She hit here head on the fixture. I then said, real loud; “ZAP. YOU ARE DEAD! Now please make sure you write me a check before you actually add water to that bathtub.”

The listing agent was real pissed. Seems that the stagers (who she told the seller to hire) changed out the fixture to make it look nicer (North Shore, after all).

Why are some people soooooo stupid"?

You have obviously never swung from the chandelier and landed on your loved one in the bathtub.

What a sheltered life you live…

Guess that’s a West Virginia thing. Coal mines and all.

Maybe so, Will. I thought everyone did it! :oops:

It must be ok because it looked good! Sure that’s it!

Wounder if it is hooked to a GFI.
Then what?