You know you’re Redneck on Father’s Days When ?

Your family buys you presents from.
1 Tractor Supply
2 Bass Pro Shop
3. Gander Mountain
4 Home Depot

Now ! Why do I bring this up ?
The whole fam came over today and said they were all going shopping .
Seemed strange cause we all do thing together … Humm !

Now ! I was cutting the lawn …
Didn’t think nothin’ of it . Hell ! Hit the road.
If Not Pop’s will have to ride the Grand’s around in circles ?
Gotta Ride the Tractor !
So ! As time went on I call them a few times .
Where do you think they were ?
I had forgotten all about Fathers Day coming up !
The Answer is …
God ! I hate to say it !
Tractor Supply………Gander Mountain.
I confess … I’m a red Neck !

Just remember on Father’s Day … That behind every Great Man … There is a Greater Woman.
And I thank God for it all !

Happy Fathers Day .

Roy Lewis

My birthday comes up just around fathers day each year and I get the same presents from my family each year, Hunting license renew with moose and deer licenses :slight_smile: All hunters aint rednecks but all us rednecks are hunters.

My favorite places lol

Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Redneck!

I’ll be watching NASCAR, cranking Blake Shelton and swilling BUDs on Sunday.:slight_smile:

Am I invited ?
I’m only a couple of 100 miles away ?