You never know what you will find when doing an infrared scan.

You never know what you will find when doing an infrared scan. (see our website at INFRAREDCLASS.COM)

Nice thermograms.

John, late one night I was woken to a amazing rumpus on the roof, and then a loud human voice saying, HO HO HO…
So I jumped out of bad, seeing it was almost black outside, I took my Ti300 Fluke 60Hz camera and captured this one image only wearing just my skivvies in the freezing cold…

Realizing it was Dec. 25th I quietly returned to bed and feel fast asleep.

Mr. Johnson still reminds me every now and then to put on more under clothes in the winter.

On a serious note. John IR class are great. John himself a very good and qualified teacher.
Best of luck you junior thermographers. You are making a wise choice choosing thermography to combine with your home inspections routine.

Without doing a thermal scan I would have miss many moisture intrusions.



Thanks Robert…

Good catch Roy.

One of my clients was scheduled to close a few days after Irma came through so they asked me to go back and scan the house for leaks. Good thing they did!

This is the condo I evacuated to. This window never experiences wind driven normally. Good thing I brought my camera with me.




Good images