Your inspection business website should be all about your prospects.

Your website should be all about your prospects. Toward that end your website should be in 2nd person voice. That means that you should refer to your visitors as “you,” just like what you are reading here, as opposed to saying “my clients.”

100% agree and also wish to add that sole proprietors should stop calling themselves “we” unless they have other Inspectors on the payroll.

Another idea: Have someone test drive your website. Tell them to talk out loud as they move about your site, describing what they are looking for and what they are noticing.

You’ll learn a lot about your site.

True ,and it be warned that others may not be into it as much as you are.

We (me and my business partner) have people calling every day telling us that they can optimize our sites for better placement. I simply tell them that all 4 of our sites are on page 1 for Google searches of “Chicago home inspector”]( Working Dom’s program gets you there too.

I tell them i turn work down all the time, why should I pay them money so I can turn down even MORE work? I think the extra calls they send me would get pretty annoying and ask them what do they think… they usually hang up on me at that point. :slight_smile: