WEBSITE HELP - New website review

As a new Home Inspector, I am aware of the importance of really good web presence - and specifically, a good website.
I built this site myself:
I have yet to include a sample inspection but otherwise - subject to your review - am close to done.
Any feedback I can get would be most welcome.
If you can view it on different platforms/devices also, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in anticipation,

Talk to wizard Ian at:

Ian Robinson at Full View Marketing

You will not regret it.

This pop-up on your main page puts me off to continue on the site, especially that March 19th date is 2 months old.

SCHEDULING APPOINTMETS (incorrect spelling), ON MARCH 19, 2019.
(914) 839-4232 (NY), or
(203) 832-4592 (CT)

I would just go to the next inspector.
I think your phone number should be larger near the top, not the little font @ the bottom.
There should be a separate link for “about me” (or us) that highlights a more personal theme about you & why you’re so wonderful.
The way it’s laid out now it’s too much info for just an about us page.
Again, too much to read, most consumers will spend less than 10 seconds on your page & then probably move on.
Good luck!! :cowboy_hat_face:

Call my friend Ian Robertson, a well respected member & inspector for further help.
Try it! You will not be disappointed. :smiley:

Thank you so much, Marc, I really appreciate it.
Removed pop-up…
I need to sort out home page - landing page - about page…!!!
Thank you again,

Here’s my comical side:
HEY!! Every time I go to your site I see you, I mean,… “Mr. Bigley” the school principal looking mad like he’s gonna punish me. I got sent there to be suspended for shooting spitballs & trashing the bathroom. :crying_cat_face: