Zephyr? Need A/C guru

I ran across a compressor that was labeled “Zephyr model EPFF-024JBZ” this afternoon. I was expecting a heat pump (almost all around here are) but this one may have just been an A/C compressor with electric heat in the air handler. Can anyone help? TIA

Yes someone here can help. :mrgreen:

Any other questions?

Yeah - exactly what is it? - hopefully before I issue my report :mrgreen:

It’s a “Zephyr model EPFF-024JBZ”, try Googleing it, :mrgreen:…

Actually I have no idea as I have never seen one… I’m just being a smart *** and keeping your thread at the top of the “New Posts”… Best of luck to you with a truly helpful answer…

I believe Rheem/Ruud had a line of ‘value’ a/c systems called Zephyr. Here’s a link to one, just happens to be a heat pump but not all of the Zephyr line units were: http://www.webrilliance.com/hosting/hembreeac/ruud/hp-r-zephyr-13pja.htm

Thanks - VIA that link I did find a dealer who advised that the unit I inspected was just A/C, not a heat pump.