Zillow and pre-listing inspections.

They seem to have a question without an answer

So Zillow will allow you to add an inspection report to your listing.
Someone still has to pay for that inspection.

How much is it going to cost us to join Zillow to get on their inspection list?

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I have been corresponding with Zillow for months in an attempt to create a collaboration between Zillow and InterNACHI. Would be an excellent fit and win-win for both.

It looks like whoever creates the listing can add the report. So if you do a pre-listing inspection, they can add your report to their Zillow listing.I couldn’t find any of the listings in my area with an attached report. They are not very popular here. The sellers and agents would prefer not to know, and see if the buyers inspector can find it.

Please tell me this can tie into the new free sellers inspections by Internachi?!! Wow.

Maybe I’m over-thinking this but…Free sellers inspection by InterNachi…seller lists this benefit on zillow/trulia…buyers sees the benefit…buyer pays the 39$ ish for the report…

Am I right?

I don’t know if there is a provision for paying for the report on Zillow. But I did find my Zillow profile. https://www.zillow.com/profile/CertifiedInspection/

I think you’re on the right track. Which could put a big dent in home buyers hiring someone to perform a home inspection, especially in tight markets.

Chris, you are spot on. This whole idea will do nothing but cause damage and harm to the majority of inspectors. It cannot ever work industry wide.


I assume any agent that uses the program would have to put the $39 report access link in their listing on sites like Zillow, Redfin, etc. It’s all about the leads, so that would be the only way it would work. No sense hiding it on the MLS.
Of course that also brings up the question- What are these sites that operate off of leads going to do when they realize a chunk of their leads are being siphoned away by a program that uses their service to siphon the leads they are there to capture?

If we don’t capture homebuyer leads first, real estate agents will continue to get to our clients just before we do. And we’ll have to keep delivering little bowls of dark chocolates to real estate offices like b.a. punks. “oooh, ooh, you got to my client first, so please recommend me, I brought you dark chocolates!

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Sign me up!

Has anybody had success with this? Seems the link is no longer working.