Zinsco Electrical Panel

Re: Richard T. Honovic 3/17/2017
Commercial Property Inspection Prerequisite Course
Inspection Writing Assignment – Component Observed

With respect to the Forum,

The component observed is a Zinsco Electrical circuit breaker panel and Sub panel, found in local area homes constructed in the 1970’s. These panels, and their breakers are no longer manufactured, and were often found to be faulty when not tripping completely, similar to the Federal Pacific breakers.
This particular panel is 2 Phase / 200A, 30 circuit, with a 100A sub-panel being fed from it. Also Zinsco.
It is properly grounded to the street side of the metal piping for the incoming water service, and the panel is bonded.
The service wiring is Aluminum coming from an overhead service drop on the exterior of the building.
The house wiring is copper with 10, 12 & 14 gauge wiring with appropriate sized breakers feeding them.
The entire house is electrically powered including HVAC, HWH & Oven, so the electrical demands are above average.
No signs of double tapping, or overheating are evident, nor is there any rust or condensation on or in the panel or its components. No open penetrations on the panel box were observed at the time of inspection.
Although the overall condition of the system is satisfactory, and seems to be operating properly, the track record of this style electrical panel, and its breakers are obsolete. It is recommended that the panel be monitored regularly, and/or completely replaced in the near future when at the time the owner is able to do so.
Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Richard T. Honovic
Blue Ribbon Home Inspection Inc.

FAIL. This is not the “student discussions” section of the message board. Please pay attention to the links within the lesson program.

FAIL. You neglected to point out the “Significant Deficiencies” in the panel.

One of them is not the “Name” on the panel!

If this is what you got from the course, that course is WORTHLESS (or you are).

I see 4 issues without blowing up the pic. Try again.

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It is not a 2 phase system. It is a single phase. There is a difference.