Zinsco Sylvania

Any one have any information about which [FONT=Arial]Sylvania panels suffer from the same conditions as Zinsco? [/FONT]

The ones that LOOK like Zinsco’s.

There was a period when they simply changed names, and the panel was still Zinsco, in all its glory. . .

Thanks Jeff-


Looks like a Zinsco to me… your thoughts?

Just checking since the complex this panel was found in was reported to be built in 1984. Do you know what years Zinsco panels were labeled as Sylvania?







This may help with identification:

Don’t know the year, but those are definitely Zinsco by Sylvania.:frowning:

Sylvania took over Zinsco in the early 80’s. Yours is definitely one of those cross-overs, that is “still a Zinsco”. . .

Man that open live bar(s) are scary lookin…exposed for EVERYONE to touch…I mean SEE…

Just install your battery jumper cables, and you have a powerful terrorist information extraction tool on the other end…or you could just roast a hot dog… :mrgreen:

lol…patented Zinsco Grill…:slight_smile:

To show everyone how useful this messageboard is, I did an inspection on Saturday. The main service panel was a Sylvania. The breakers looked familiar and I logged on Saturday evening to revisit this topic.

Now, the client knows that he has Sylvania panels with Zinsco breakers and plans to have the seller split the cost of the upgrade.